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Rock-solid cash flow and growth principles for 
busy & ambitious small business owners.

Never Worry About Your Business Cash Flow Again…

Dear small business owner:

No one taught you how to manage your business money, did they? Your accountant doesn’t speak in your language or the numbers really don’t tell you what to do with it. And the general info online does not answer your questions either.


Hey, at least you gave it a try.

Now here you are, all the time and effort and money going down the drain, wondering why the heck your month sometimes lasts longer than the money.

It’s a puzzler, for sure. But we know the answer. Ready? Here it is:

You’ve been doing it backwards...

You’ve been trying to work harder for your money - 
rather than making your money work hard for you.
When all you needed was a plan that works with your money 

to create greater profits

Sorry, we would’ve told you sooner.  Had we known you were even thinking about it.

But we didn’t hear you.

So now we know.

And yeah, we're itching to tell you about it. But we sense you wanting to interject. What’s on your mind?

“Let’s back up a minute,” you’re thinking.

“How can MY money habits be the problem?
I probably just don’t make enough. 
Yet thousands of other small business owners are profitable.”

Fair question. we’ll respond with one of our own:

Do you really think all small business owners have a sound money strategy?

Of course they don't. In that case... Why should you have a money strategy?

They should. But if you’re just trying to do more in sales and spending as you have been, we’ve got news for you:

That’s exactly what you shouldn’t be doing. And it’s killing your profits

Here’s our brief, brutally honest explanation:

With the primary focus of most business owners on the sales of their service,
they just don’t pay the attention to the ways their money is coming in nor the ways their money is going out.  


Hence, they suffer from some or all of these misfortunes:

  • Weak profits from only 1 income source

  • Off-target financial goals

  • Ugly expenses that never seem to go away

  • Wild variations in income & expenses

  • ​Good intentions but bad results

It’s enough to make some people to quit get a J.O.B.

But we’re glad you hung in there. Because...

Your struggles will soon be history. Thanks to a simple 2-step plan to follow.

Built not for them, but for you. 
Your service-based business. Your strengths and weaknesses. Your habits and quirks.
This is your plan – and it’s going to increase your profits fast...

Introducing the Groundbreaking
Cash Flow Maximizing Money Method or Cash Flow M3™

Delivering the Increased Profits of a High-Performance Business & the Accuracy of an Accountant...
Using Your Own Personalized Strategy.

This is truly exciting stuff. So exciting, in fact, I forgot to introduce myself.

I’m Marcia Riner, a Certified Financial Planner, Financial Business Strategist, Podcast Host, and Owner of Bella Financial Group.  Bella Financial Group is a consulting firm using cash flow maximization strategies to increase profits for ambitious small business owners.

I’ve spent the last 30+ years in the money & financial services industry as a casino dealer, mortgage planner, advisor, consultant, planner, and as a serial entrepreneur. My entire career has involved money and showing people how to win with their money.  

I came from a family of successful small business owners who constantly struggled to show the good profits.  They could have avoided their struggles had they just known these secrets of cash flow planning.

OK, enough about me. Let's talk about the Cash Flow M3™. Starting with...

A short list of things the Cash Flow M3 will do for you:

  • Boost your profits fast vs. your current way (no more feast or famine fluctuations)

  • Improve your income streams by leaps and bounds (making passive income that continues while you sleep)

  • Turn even your worst expenses into money making assets (cutting down on non-producing expenses)

  • Eliminate the fears of not making it (you can grow your business money like it was easy)

  • Help you keep up with (if not blow past) your money goals (raising your confidence in your financial decisions)

The Cash Flow M3 will take your business to new heights...and profits.

The Cash Flow M3™ delivers the consistence of a high-performance business and the accuracy of an accountant, using your own strategy.

We know, we know. Hard to believe one change can right so many wrongs and do so much for your business money.

How is that possible?

Well, to be perfectly honest, traditional methods has set the bar pretty low. It’s been holding you back.


Waaaayyyy back.

The following info shows you just how far…

Entrepreneurs can make the money they know they’re capable of making.

And here’s what we've found:

The small business owner gives up 30% of the income to non-productive expenses.



Yes, 30% – the difference between making a financially successful business
and being stressed out or worse, out of business.


That sink in yet? OK, on we go.


Using experiences from more than 1,000 small businesses at all skill levels, we determined that the typical small business owner loses 30% of their profits due to factors such not spending strategically for maximum ROI.


This seemingly small ingredient costs a ridiculous amount of wasted money.


“That’s good to know,” you may be thinking, “but what does it have to do with the my spending?”



Pretty much everything.

This Cash Flow Method is specifically designed to improve income– and provide consistent spending– for the average small business.


We'd be willing to bet that most of the small business owners share something in common: 

They were never taught how to analyze their money so that they can make great financial decisions.


We’re sure of it because...

According to the SBA 80% of new businesses make it the first year
but approximately 45% of all small businesses fail in less than 5 years.

And only 1-in-3 make it to the 10-year mark.

Which means...

Nearly half of you will close your business
way too soon.

Small businesses like yours are the heart beat of our economy and really should have the support needed to succeed.


The Cash Flow M3™ on the other hand, was created to help your small business.


Hence, you’ll get:

  • Superior control over your business money

  • Ideal financial strengths that keep your business in the black

  • Less stress when dealing with the accounting

  • Extra money in your business each month

  • Better growth potential for your small business

That’s just a glimpse at this game-changing features and benefits. Now…

Let's take a closer look at what makes the Cash Flow M3 unique, starting with its specs.

  • Clarity… Understanding what your money is doing and how to make the most of it. That helps you make better business decisions and increase your profits.

  • Control … Knowing that your money optimized for the biggest growth.  That means you don’t have to work as hard since your money is also working for you not against you.

  • Confidence… Trusting that you're creating a sustainable business will make your dreams come true.  In reality, this means less stress over your money.  Allowing you to stay focused on your business and it’s success.


Simple tweaks can make a world of difference. Still, you might be wondering…


Is this just an accounting and budget trick
 but declared “revolutionary”?

Nope. There’s a lot more to the Cash Flow M3 than that. This method is flat out loaded with money-improvement features and is made to simply help you take control over your money so that you can have the life you intended when you became a business owner.


The heart of the Cash Flow M3 lies in its sole purpose.


Take the financial burden of the service-based small business owner faces away forever.

1) Make the money you know you can make as a business owner

2) Enjoy all the reasons you went into business for yourself

3) Have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted


... There’s only one thing left to do: Schedule a Jump Start Session today.

We can’t help everyone... but we may be able to help you if:

  • You are an ambitious small business owner who already has a business going but is finding that your money is just not much as you thought

  • Your seeing clients regularly and charging for your service

  • You struggle each month to push for more income to cover the expenses you’ve already got

  • Your time is maxed out doing more than you want to do in the business

  • You are looking for simple solutions to improve your profits

  • You are ready to change what isn’t working 

  • You realize you need some help to see the trees through the forest

NOW is the right time to start to rebuild your business money plan to so that you turn a bigger profit than ever 

Looking for a “no-friction zone” in your business?


Do you want to get out of your own way and see things in a different light? 

To step out of your business so that you can gain clarity on your business?

Rather than continuing the insanity of trying the same thing and expecting different results –you’re not loosing your mind. Your business can produce more profits and it simply starts here.

Here is your chance to jump on a call with us to find out where your gaps are.

Bonus: The no-friction zone means we work together in a safe, judgment-free zone away from the negative voices chirping in your head.   Just support for your growth and make your business look financially great!

Let’s jump on call for 30 minutes. 

What we have found is that in just 30 minutes, We have been able to see the inefficiencies and gaps that are causing you to loose money each month.  We've been doing this for so long - We almost always find even a couple of tweaks that you can do today to improve your situation fast.

My commitment to you during this insightful call:

We will be very honest with you as to whether or not we can help your business.  Our reputation is extremely important to us.  We choose to only work with people who with our support, can make a big difference in their business profits.

If we can provide you big value and shift your business to start showing bigger profits, then we can discuss the next steps. 

If we cannot provide enough value for it to make sense, then we will tell you upfront and we will walk away without any hard feelings and you will have gotten an immediate idea or two that will make our call worth your time.

Schedule Your
 Jump Start Session Today

100% Risk-Free!

30 minutes of your time
to improve your business profits.


Normal Price: $250

Yours today FREE
(But we don't work with everyone)
(You must qualify) 

We can’t help you if you don’t sign up for this valuable No-Obligation call!

Just as you wouldn’t put a 4-cylinder in a Ferrari and expect world-class performance, you can’t stick to your old ways and expect bigger profits.

That’s why we've spent so much time creating Cash Flow M3.

Working for more than 20+ years as a serial entrepreneur in the financial services world, through our life’s experience, and our client’s successes we've been able to develop a solid plan – that gets results.

So Book Your Call Now

Why choose Bella Financial Group?

Although many professionals call themselves "financial planners," only a small percentage of them like Bella Financial Group are validated and vetted Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®) professionals.  We have completed extensive training and are held to the highest ethical and educational standards.


We specialize in providing powerful capital growth methods to entrepreneurs who are small business owners. 


We understand the complexities of the changing financial climate and are committed to make financial planning recommendations in your best interest. No matter where you are in life, you’ll find confidence in working with a validated and vetted CFP® professional who specializes in your circumstance to evaluate your finances and develop a comprehensive plan for your financial future. 

Why we do things a little differently.

At Bella Financial Group we believe that the small business owner is the heart and soul of our economy.  

When it comes to financial consulting, small business owners are quickly overlooked by the big firms because they either don't have a lot of employees to service or they just don't have the investable funds that the traditional financial advisor wants to work with.  They often don't have the budget to hire the staff to consult and look over the business financials to help give them the edge they need to stretch their profits. 

That's where Bella Financial Group comes in.  We are financial business consultants that work with you to grow your profits using our propriety Cash Flow M3 process to increase your cash flow to get you more profits in your business so that you can have the business you always dreamed of.  


We show you simple, sure-fire growth strategies to reignite a growing cash flow position in your business to produce stunning results in 87 days or less.


So how does our method work? Simply put, we look to see where you’d like to be financially, where your business’ cash flow is, and we close the gap.


We understand how intimidating revealing your true financial situation can be. To work with you through as easy as possible, we ask straightforward, yet extremely powerful discovery questions in a transparent way that provides you with total clarity on your situation, and empowers you to feel hopeful.


Then we take your responses and create a custom roadmap for you follow. We work with you side by side to make sure you can navigate through any barrier or obstacle you may stumble on toward your cash flow road to success.


That's key to getting results through our proprietary Cash Flow M3 as well as giving you the encouragement you need to take action.


Once you begin taking these steps you will see and discover increased confidence in closing the gap between you and your cash flow and you will love this process. It's practically scientific and simply works.

We don't sell products.  We don't manage assets.  You are our client, not the amount of investable money you have available.  That's one of the biggest differences.  We don't earn a commission from you.  We work on a proposed & agreed upon fee that is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee that we will work on your project until you are completely satisfied. 

We are located in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA but have clients all over the world.  Many of business strategies are universal but local tax and legal situations will be supported with assistance.  

We invite you to see how the Bella difference can grow your business' cash flow.  Please contact us at +1 949-229-2112 or click our link below to book up a no pressure call.

NOTE: This is not a sales call. If any of the above applies to you, now is the time to book a call with us.  We know we can't be everything to everyone, so please book a call today just to see if this makes sense.​

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